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Love Rachel

Spray Foundation


With it being summertime I thought I would post my favorite tip for touching up your makeup on the go. The heat, whether it’s dry or humid can make you look like a hot mess if you are in it too long. I am sure almost all of you have a compact that you touch up with but really the brush or sponge that you are applying your powder with can actually make your face look worse. That is why I love to use spray foundation as a touch up on the go. This is one of my favorite ones because of its super fine mist. It never sprays out clumps. It’s by Napoleon Perdis you can find it online here
or at any Ulta store. You will look fresh and put together like you just applied your makeup instead of a chalky powdery looking face.

Pro Tip: You can use a loose powder with a brush or a pressed powder before you spray the foundation mist on if you look really oily or shinny.

Hope you love this!
Xoxo Rachel

Think Dirty Phone App

I have been using this new app for your phone that helps you understand what is in all your beauty products. It gives them all ratings and then you can click and see what ingredients the products have that are harmful to your health.




It is a free app so try it out and search your beauty products and add them to your list and see what your “bathroom shelf” rates at. I was shocked at how many of my products make claims that are not actually true. You really have to take things into your own hands these days especially in the beauty industry since it is not fully regulated by anything even the FDA.

I hate the name of the app but I hope it helps. Love Rachel

Best Eye Cream Giveaway


I’ve been using this Pangea Organics eye cream alone and with my Clarisonic Opal for over a month now. And let me tell you it is the best eye cream I have ever tried. The skin around my eyes is so soft, hydrated, and firmer I can’t believe it. Being pregnant too doesn’t help the fatigue look to my eyes but this has. My eyes definitely have a more youthful look to them.

I have also been using my Clarisonic Opal too when I remember too and I know that it gives an instant smoother look to my eye area. I use it in the morning since I see a instant difference. Its a little pricy but just like everything Clarisonic makes you won’t be disappointed.

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Love Rachel


2014 Warm Weathered Beauty Favorites warm weathered favorites

Here are some of my top 2014 Warm Weathered Beauty Favorites at the moment.

images My Ivory Lion Sunglasses $100. You can buy them here and a portion of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice, how cool right?

Better_bottle_image__41500.1395021302.1280.1280  All Natural Mineral Sunscreen. I’m loving this brand right now because you can use it on your skin or your hair and it is very translucent, no white tint to your skin. You can get it here or it is on too.  $12


Metallic head wraps. These Fabric Wraps $13 ones are my favorite. It fits just right, super cute on, and is handmade here in Las Vegas. Plus the gold compliments your new tanned skin. Can’t go wrong. Check out her store here.


I love using a Fan brush $6 this time of year to apply my bronzers. It applies the prefect amount to give you that sun kissed look and not that dirty bronzer face look. Check out my post about this brush here.


I love when my skin is a little darker and I can use lighter nail lacquers without them making my skin look sickly. I love this line of cosmetics and nail lacquers since it is an all vegan line. This color is Kava Kava and you can find it here. $10


This Tarte palette $36 is part of their summer 2014 color collection. I love the soft neutral colors with the pop of Aqua to give it that trendy Aquatic flare. Click here to see the beautiful pictures they have of all the different looks this palette can give you.


Having hydrated & bold colored lips in the summer can be hard but with this new love of mine lipstick you can have both. The Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick $16 provides you with safe ingredients, hydration, and bold color.

I hope everyone is enjoying the longer days and sunshine! Love Rachel

How to use a Fan Brush

Fan Brush


Have any of you wondered what this brush was for or if it is a brush you need? Well I have the answer…

This brush has a very soft application to it, meaning whatever you use with it will give a soft look to. That is why you typically use it will darker products like a bronzer. Bronzers are prefect to use with this brush and then to give yourself a sun-kissed glow lightly stroke this brush with a powder or pressed bronzer on the top of your cheekbones. The nice thing about this area of your face is it’s where we tend to get the most color when we are out in the sun so it is a natural place to put bronzer, but when you use your normal bronzing brush it will always put too much color there and then your sun-kissed glow will turn into a omoompa loompa look. So this time of year is when I pull this brush out to help me look a little more healthy instead of washed out.

You can also use this brush with any highlighter that you have too. I like my skin to have a lot of glow though so I use a different brush that gives me more pay off on my skin. But if you already have a good amount of shine to your skin then this is the perfect brush for you to apply your highlighter with.

So is this brush for you? It is not a must have but for you more makeup experts out there I am sure this is a brush you will love to add to your collection.


This brush is from bare minerals but they do not sale it separately. My favorite makeup brush site is Crown Brushes. It’s a little overwhelming at first but they have great deals on makeup brushes.

Here is the link to all their Fan brushes that range from $2-$6.


Comment with any questions you have. Love Rachel

May 28, Preparing for Louie’s Angelversary

As exciting as it is to be approaching the end of this pregnancy (7weeks left), it also stirs up a lot of emotions for me. Going through this year of “firsts” has been a trial all in its own. …First Christmas without Louie, First time holding a baby that wasn’t him, First night trying to sleep without him in the room, the First time someone asks you how many kids you have, First family picture taken without him there in it, Packing up his clothes and things to prepare for another baby, and many more that I will spare myself the pain of remembering. All in all it has been a year full of pain and excitement, an emotional roller coaster at best. One I wish so many times that I could have just jumped off but knew it was all meant to happen.

Knowing that it will have been a year since his passing on May 28 has filled my mind with worry. I stress about that day and what it will be like. What will my emotions be like on his Birthday May 26 and then what will I feel on the 28th. I’ve talked and emailed other parents that have gone through similar experiences and asked them what can I expect that day. There seems to be all different kind of responses and advice. One mom told me that the anxiety leading up to the day is worst than the actual day. I am hoping that is true in my case because my emotions seem to be everywhere right now leading up to it.

I have also been told to just handle the day however you want to. If being alone sounds better than being with a bunch of people than do that. But if being around people will help you get through that day with less heartache than do that. I tend to like to be left alone with my emotions, not all the time but most times it just feels better to be by myself to grieve and cry however I want to without others there to see.  I put this pressure on myself to hold it together when others are around and I know on that day I won’t have much strength to keep it together so I think being by myself sounds better.

But fortunately for me my Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself. I have had a very hard time processing this but I have finally come to the understanding of why the Lord made May 28, 2014 so special.

My youngest brother Darren has worked and persevered to get on a mission for 4 long years. He received his mission call to serve in the Chicago, IL mission Spanish speaking this past month. When he read his call to all of us we were over the moon so so so happy for him. He continued to read that he reports and will leave on May 28, 2014. My heart instantly sunk when I heard that date. I have had very mixed emotions on why of all the days in this whole year would he be leaving on the anniversary of Louie’s death? It has been hard because I have had no one to talk to about this because no one seems to fully understand why it bothers me.

I love my brother so much. Our whole family has been by his side throughout this process of him getting his mission call. In my heart I want him to have all excitement and joy that day will bring him when he leaves. He deserves so much for all the work he has put in. And that day will be one he will always remember. But to know that my mind and my heart will be else where is hard for me to understand. It has taken over a month for me to really pray and ask the lord why? Why would you have me have to hold it together for my brother that day instead of letting me just stay in my bed and cry all day?

The Lord knows that the feelings I will have on May 28 will only be worsened by the adding feelings of being alone. I know the Lord loves me and all he wants for me to feel that day is happiness. For how proud he is of me and what I have had to go through losing Louie. I know he wants me to feel his love, Louie’s love, and my family’s love for me. So he is giving me a big push that will force me out of my “cave” to be able to feel all the happiness and love we will all have for my brother that day. And most importantly all the love we have for Louie. I also feel my sweet boy and know he had something to do with this as well. May 28 will always be a special day for me and I have a feeling that Louie will continue to add special things to that day to make sure his mom doesn’t crumble with all this grief and pain I feel with his absence.


I write with love in hopes that it will make someones day a little brighter knowing that God has his hands in all things, even when we don’t understand it. Just Pray and be Patient our understand and answers will come. As mine did.

Love Rachel